South Carolina Getaway [Part 2]


The beach is always such a meditative place. There is a reason those sound machines have waves as an option; that repetitive and constant noise is therapeutic. Add some sunshine and its restorative.


While in South Carolina, I went for my first ever beach run. I’ve walked on the beach and I’ve run while on vacation, but I’ve never really had the opportunity to run on the beach. Three times while at Mister’s parent’s house in Surfside, I was able to get a run in.

I’m terrible at running, and with the snow and cold in NY I havn’t really ran in a while. I would love to be one of those people that runs 10 miles a day with a marathon on Saturday, but three miles whoops my lungs and my knees. But when I run its like I forget everything that I had on my mind just minutes ago. Sunshine, breathing, my feet hitting the sand. Just focus on moving and breathing.  Keep moving. Keep breathing.

I don’t know if anyone reads this blog for my running advice. I don’t know if anyone reads this blog at all, but I’ll move on.

Litchfield Restaurant   [Pawleys Island, SC]

Since 1968, Pawleys Island locals and visitors alike have considered the Litchfield Restaurant the “Best Breakfast in Town”. That is as true today as it was back then. More than forty years later, we still serve hearty home-style Southern cooking for both breakfast and lunch. Our full menu is available all day, so sleep in and have a late breakfast if you like.


I’m genuinely surprised this place even has a website, I mean they aren’t even open past lunch time. I spent a day with my Mother-in-law while Mister and his dad went out to play golf one morning. We started off with a stop for breakfast and this place was definitely worth writing home about.


We were lucky enough to squeeze in at the counter and I saw the food coming out from the kitchen. That meant I knew I had to order grits and biscuits, the eggs and sausage were kind of an after thought. That biscuit was exactly like I imagined it would be, and yes I slathered it with butter and orange marmalade.

Also, why is food still so regionally divided? Grits in the south, oatmeal in the north. I’m still not sure I fully understand grits, but I can certainly tell you that about a third of that serving kept me feeling stuffed until almost dinner time.

If I get a chance to go back, I’m definitely going to try some sausage gravy.  Now you see why I have to run while I’m on vacation?

The Claw House [Murrells Inlet, SC]


This was my first time having hot peel and eat shrimp (at least that I can remember?). Crazy good. Like seriously yum. Mister went with crab cakes, which we both think were overpriced for the serving but still good. This place is expensive for the atmosphere, but I think that’s because its located on the Marsh Walk. When the weather is nice, this is a great little section of restaurants and bars linked by a boardwalk. It wasn’t super busy on either of our two visits, but I imagine in the summer season it can get crowded.

Drunken Jack’s [Murrells Inlet, SC]

If you want to feel as if you’ve stepped back in time to the swanky club of another era, check out the lower bar area of Drunken Jacks. Just a few steps down the Marsh Walk from the Claw House, Drunken Jacks has a completely different vibe. This is a great example of something being just old enough to go from dated to retro.

If you keep moving towards the deck area, you’ll have a great view of the Marsh while you sip your drinks. 219.JPG



Jake Moon Brunch

After registering for the Troy Turkey Trot, I decided to try and run more; at least attempt some form of training for what will be my third 5k this year.

This mornings run taught me the importance of sweat wicking material, and left me very, very hungry. I consulted a few Yelp reviews and a handful of blogs, settling on Jake Moon in Clarksville, about a 25 minute drive from Center Square.


It’s a small building, just on the verge of feeling like the middle of nowhere. Walking in I knew I was to love brunch. A banjo player sat in the entrance, the music creating a rousing friendliness without overwhelming the noise level. Between the lively music and the small lights around the ceiling, the room was warm; the feeling you get walking into the dining room for thanksgiving.

We had a hard time deciding what to get, every description on the menu made me hungrier. I settled on the Montana Sausage Gravy, made with their house made sausage. It had such a depth of savory flavors, I could have easily eaten a bowl of that alone. The biscuits, over easy eggs, and perfectly crisped potatoes were just a bonus.


Mister got the Eggs Benedict Trio, which was eggs Benedict as you would expect, with three eggs stacks (what would be the proper term there..?) one each with bacon, candian bacon, and their fantastic sausage.


We could have stopped there. Easily.


But fresh sticky buns had just come out of the oven. So one bun to share with a hot chocolate on the side.


This was actually the only hiccup of brunch, maybe we should have stopped before we hit such a glutinous level. While the bun itself was fine enough, the sticky topping was burnt.


That bitter, almost sour flavor of burnt sugar coated the entire bun. The overall meal and service was so great, that I would easily give this a second chance. We might even try again next weekend.

We tried to run errands after brunch, which was short lived before we both succumbed to an afternoon nap. Perfect Sunday in my book.