Getting Started

Where do you start when you’ve been on hiatus for so long?

I fell out of the habit of blogging, documenting, photographing…and I didn’t miss it.

But then I went on the FussyLittleBlog Tour de Donut  along with a really great group of folks, and I realized that I missed feeling part of this strange fictional community of the blogosphere.

Sidenote: for those of you that havn’t done a Fussy tour, do it!!! The Mister and I had a super blast between the great weather, the hot donuts, and the good conversation. Plus we might never be tempted to eat another cider donut for the rest of the season so win win.

Donut #4

Donut #4


Things in my world are hectic; to summarize, I live in Westchester, work in New York City, and visit the Mister in Albany most weekends.  So I’m everywhere, and am as unsettled as ever.  I have no kitchen to call my own, and I’m starting to consider my favorite luggage as just part of my daily wardrobe now.  I could live out of a tote bag at a moments notice, which is a great skill to have honed in these past few months.

I’ve been cooking. But more importantly, I’ve recently forced myself to really focus on my whole body health.  What it takes to make me feel in control, when most everything else is out of my control.  I’ve adopted a gym routine, and a rotating list of food habits that have helped me feel more settled.

What helps you feel at home, when your home has been packed in storage for a few months?


The more I cook, the more I want to cook.

The less I cook, the less I want to be bothered with big meals or complicated recipes.  I know I’ll enjoy it when I throw myself back into it, but for now I’ve fallen off the planning, prepping, preparing bandwagon of enjoying my meals.  There’s the new job, staying in someone else’s house, and the new routine; for right now, cooking just isn’t part of it.

The thing that gets me though, is I always got excited about meals I prepared.  When someone else is constantly cooking for you, or you eat out more often; food loses some of its appeal in a sense.  Lately I crave things like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, toast with a fried egg; things that are easy and basic.

Do you eat more when you cook for yourself?  Does cooking make you want to cook more?

Down The Rabbit Hole

I’ve fallen way down that hole. I haven’t blogged, because I havnt been cooking anything stellar (I messed up pea soup the other day…pea soup!) but also because of a lot of changes about to happen.

As of January I will be moving back to Westchester after being in Albany since Fall of 2005. Almost ten years in Albany. This is where I went to college, grad school, had my heart broken, found friends, took on my first full time job, adopted a dog, found my boyfriend, and established myself as a real person.

I know which grocery stores have the better meat. I know which short cuts to take to get down Central Ave at 5pm. I know which dog park will have the least mud in March. I like it here.

But I’m moving. It’s happening. It’s like a slippery slope in slow motion. I have no idea what to expect, but it’s happening!

After attending the All Over Albany party at New World Catering I realized just how much I’ve entrenched myself in Albany. I check my blogs daily….who will guide me in Westchester?!

Last night we ate an endless stream of great flavors, and our gluttony didn’t end there. We even stopped at Cheesecake Machismo for two of their last slices. Fortunately, by the time we got home all of the food had settled and we saved the cheesecake for another time.

Some photos from last night (I didn’t want to use flash and scare anyone!)




Deviled eggs were over the top my favorite. I easily ate too many, and apologize if anyone didn’t get some because I was probably hiding in the corner eating them all.
And the paella. That doesn’t count as unhealthy carbs right? Because I had two platefuls and am not about to track that in my little food diary.

I will miss Albany.