Elevated Snacktime

Everyone deserves fancy Snack time. Trust me.
I stopped by Trader Joes today (terrifying on a Sunday, when did grocery shopping become a competitive, physical sport?), and picked up these babies.


Oh, you don’t know how to prep an artichoke? You’re missing out on awesome.

Use your biggest knife to cut off the stem and top part. Then use your kitchen scissors to trim off the remaining pointy parts at the tops of the leaves. Also, if you don’t already have them please invest in big knives and kitchen scissors. You’re not an animal.



Then steam them forever. Or about 30 mins.

Then comes the good part. Aioli. I went there.

Full disclosure, I’ve never attempted this before and used this recipe.

As I’ve said, and anyone who knows my cooking, I hate measuring things. But this is a recipe, and a new blog so I swear I tried my best. That is until I accidentally knocked my measuring cup over and gave up from there. It still came out delicious. Oh and I used my stand mixer because whisking sounds miserable.


Final, delicious, decadent snack:


Enjoy, and if you don’t know how to eat an artichoke this has probably been mystifying. Try Google.