Burned My Routine

I know I’m being ambitious after my six month hiatus, but yea two posts in two days.  Its happening.

My last post I talked about how my routine makes me feel settled, it makes me feel at home even when I’m sort of drifting between houses, apartments, and cities on a weekly basis.  Unfortunately, my routine went way out the window this week.

Meatball makin....pre disaster.

Meatball makin….pre disaster.

It all started with some meal prep.  (* side note, when did “meal prep” become part of our healthy eating lexicon?) So yea, Mister and I cooked up a giant batch of meatballs so he would have lunch throughout the week and we could freeze/reheat some for later Fridays when I don’t always feel like cooking.

We made meatballs, they were okay.  I wish they had more of a crunchy crust outside; but I’ll work on that for next time.  The real problem came when I started cleaning up after dinner; somehow, the pasta water ended up on my legs and left a pretty hefty blistering burn.

Water won this round

Water won this round

Yup, don’t mess with water folks. I’ve got bandages galore, and I’m diligently following doctor’s orders.  Unfortunately, this means no gym until the wound is more healed.  No gym, no running; I’m not even sure pants will happen this week.

Cup half full:  that means I’ve got extra time to spend with my mom during this week. Silver lining in everything, you just have to look for it.

Instead of rushing to a Crossfit class, or getting to bed extra early for a 5am gym session, I cooked dinner with Mom, enjoyed a glass of wine, and together we investigated the contents of some bins in the basement for a Halloween costume. (those pictures aren’t safe for the blog world, I’ve got a career to think about!)

Thai-inspired chicken curry

Thai-inspired chicken curry

That is one of the hugest differences between the Gorgeous Goodness of today and six months ago; finding the bright side.  Being in long distance with Mister is hard, but it also means every weekend is like a mini-vacation and we can’t fight about who takes out the garbage more.  Commuting into the city is hard, but its also an incentive to get up earlier and make it to the gym before the roads get congested. Sure I would love to live in my own apartment again, but this is a really great opportunity to spend more time with family.

You don’t have to look for the positive, but it makes life a lot more enjoyable.