Trader Joes: Pumpkin Soup

Trader Joes is fantastic in every way, so much so that I’m willing to overlook some of their errors [i.e. cookie butter fiasco ].  They are also very gracious about accepting returns if its something you’ve only partially consumed and really couldn’t handle.

This was only a small bump in the long road of previous goodness; Trader Joes Pumpkin Soup.

Its sold in a small carton (sorry I threw it out before taking a picture), two servings to the carton.  I picked it up a few weeks ago and it had been sitting in my office kitchen, waiting to be consumed as a backup meal.

That day finally came and I was excited for some warmth and spice…the carton definitely said something about ginger and maybe even cinnamon?


Popped the whole two servings into a glass bowl, microwaved for 2 minutes and thirty seconds and then carefully carried it to my desk.

Its bland.  Really thin.  And I’m pretty sure someone snuck coffee grounds in here.

You know that feeling when you hit the bottom of a bad cup of coffee (or the kuerig hasn’t been cleaned in a while) and there’s that little swirl of coffee grounds?  I’m pretty sure that’s whats hiding in my soup.  TJ will probably claim its those illusive spices, but they’re tiny little crunchy nibs of junk.  I don’t like this one Mister Trader Joes.

Fortunately, their pumpkin season is almost over and we’re approaching Peppermint everything in the store.  I do appreciate how the store commits to a seasonal theme and really runs with it.


Good quality, marinated grilled chicken is delicious. While there are variables in the source of the protein and what marinade choices you’ve made, grilled chicken is pretty much always something to savor.


This week I grilled a few breasts to be eaten cold with my lunches. The flavorful chunks were mixed in with arugula, tomatoes, white and red onions, quinoa, cucumber, and a big of fresh jalapeño.
The perfect combination of flavors and textures, dressing seemed superfluous.

Resetting Habits

I fell in a slump. My lack of posts must be indicative of that. I was craving sugar and carbs, ice cream and sandwiches.

In an attempt to jump start better habits and reset my mind frame I’m currently on day two of the Advocare 24 day challenge. I’m not going to sales pitch it, you can google it and research for yourselves if you’re curious.

It’s only been 1.5 days, I’ve eaten nothing but fruits, eggs, quinoa, veggies, and grilled chicken. I’ve taken my scheduled vitamins.

I’m not hungry, cranky, or lethargic. Yet. I can do these next 22 days and start back on the healthy track!

And on another entirely different note: mister and I are looking to go camping of some variety. Maybe a cabin, maybe a site. Pet friendly.