Boqueron, Puerto Rico

I’m blessed enough to have the opportunity to enjoy a family home in Boqueron, Puerto Rico.  My paternal Grandparents retired there when I was younger, and even after their passing, our entire family has taken turns enjoying the legacy they started.

Boqueron is about as far southwest as you can get on the island, so the entirely opposite area of San Juan.  There are a lot less tourists, though the area has changed quite a bit in the past few years.  Easily accessible from Aguadilla airport  via JetBlue or United Airlines, I can’t recommend this side of the island enough. [Sidenote: I’ve always flown JetBlue, but United has suddenly appeared with much more competitive prices.  This year we tried United, and will definitely be returning to JetBlue flights in the future due to the atrocious customer service and on board experience of United.]

The benefit of having the house while on vacation, is that you don’t have to rely on restaurants for the duration of your trip.  There’s even a Sam’s club between the airport and the house, so we were able to buy in bulk items like lettuce, avocados, asparagus, frozen shrimp, peppers, cheese, tortilla chips, strawberries etc.

Puerto Rico is unique in that most of the supermarkets, especially the more rural ones, have limited availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in comparison to the standard New York market. I recommend trying all the seafood you can on the island, but expect lots of fried sides, rice, and plantains. 056.JPG

One of my favorite beaches in the area is Playa Sucia, its an amazing bay like area that is so incredibly breath taking, pictures just don’t do it justice.053.JPG

The beach closer to the house, and most commonly visited is Buye Beach, see below:086.JPG

Not too shabby.

The town of Boqueron is really only worth visiting on the weekends, very few things are open the rest of the time.  The weekends though are a cultural explosion of locals and visitors; there are bands in the street, crowds of families, food stands, shops, street vendors and more.

263.JPGThough there are the obvious empanadas, tacos, and chicken wings just about every other bar, my favorite late night/slightly drunk snack is a bacalaito.  These are fried salt cod fritters; crispy edges and chewy centers of salty, greasy goodness.


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