Juice Cleanse: Pure Food and Drink (Tuckahoe)

Having done a juice cleanse from Pure Food and Drink in Tuckahoe before, I was totally on board with joining a friend whom mentioned she was doing a cleanse (from a different source). From my first round, I knew it would be nice to have someone to push you along, and remind you that you’re not crazy for ingesting nothing but juice for a few days!

Before I say anything else, I want to disclaim that I’m not a medical or health professional in any sense; I just like trying new things that help my body be at its best.  I like the idea of using a juice cleanse to kick sugar/carb/processed food cravings and or habits, and after my past few weeks of cookies, meatballs, and junk I need this.

The day or two leading up the cleanse, I wanted to make sure I set myself up for an easier transition.  This meant focusing on getting in lots of veggies and doing my best to limit processed foods.

Yesterday I managed to score a Groupon for Pure which made me that much more excited to get started.  I called a few hours ahead of time, to make sure I would be able to pick up what I needed, and they were great at packing everything up for me when I arrived.


There are six juices per day, and the folks are Pure make sure to label each bottle, then put each set of six in a labeled bag so there isn’t too much guess work.  I did know from my last round, that I really didn’t like the taste of one of the formulas, and they were gracious enough to make sure to leave it out this time. For the record, it was the Formula 1: kale, cucumber, celery, parsley.   I’ve decided I like my juices better when they have some fruit in the mix, even if they’re not the *best* for the overall game plan.  I subbed the Formula 2 for the Formula 1’s this time around, and when I cracked the first one open this morning I was very glad I did!


Its got enough sweetness that it doesn’t taste like grass clippings, and its not so sweet that my sugar levels get spiked.  The juices are ordered in such a way to control any sugar spikes, and to keep energy levels on point throughout the day (i.e. high sugar mid day, then low before bed again)

I love that the label says, “You are your #1 investment!”  The price of juice cleanses, and the hipster/fancy pants mystique, tend to turn people off of the idea.  They are expensive, yup, I’m totally on board with you there.  With the Groupon it was $125 for three days.  But, I look at it as an investment.  For $125 I’m focusing on my health, and I’m realigning my nutritional goals.  Think about all the money you’ve spent at the bar, or on shoes lately, or even add up all of those morning bagels and coffees.  In all honesty, spending $125 on the cleanse makes me take it more seriously, and want to really commit to creating better habits.

Okay, rant over.  Phew.  I’ll post an update tomorrow on how Day #1 went!


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