Meatball Meatball Meatball

I’m a big fan of meatballs.  When I was introduced to the world of home made meatballs my love only deepened.

The problem in our house has always been, however, that Mister prefers softy and bready, and I prefer a nice crunchy exterior.  I think that’s why we’re always experimenting with different recipes trying to find the perfect compromise.

119 I’m very pleased to announce that we found that perfect compromise.  We both loved the flavor (lots of sausage was a plus for me) and the texture (crockpot gave them that softness Mister prefers).  This is definitely looking like a long-term recipe relationship, which is why I’m posting it here to be saved forever.

I’m always an advocate of making your own sauce, but let be real; if I’m using the crockpot I’m sure as heck not making a real pot dirty.  I’m all about easy clean-up.

I had gifted some of this local sauce (available at Hannaford) during the holidays, so I wanted to try some for ourselves.  (that is probably horrible gifting etiquette, I’m sorry to everyone who has ever received an untested gift from me)

The ingredients were honest, and the taste was spot on.  The sausage, meaty, cheesy goodness smothered in this bright tomato flavor was so good.   Of course we added to the gluttony by toasting up some ciabatta from Sam’s Club (we were there for other things, I just happen to like buying bread in bulk), covering with meatballs, Parmesan and mozzarella and broiling.  Then adding more sauce.

128.JPGI wish the computer had taste-o-vision….for me just as much as for you right now.


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