Weekend of Little Things

This past weekend was all about appreciating a few days of little blessings, bonuses, and benefits.

  1. We found an incredibly soft blanket at Sam’s Club that I couldn’t stop raving over like a total lunatic.  Mister wasn’t as enthusiastic, but hey, we can’t all be in the blanket enthusiast club.                                         076
  2. The weather was so warm and sunny on Sunday that we had a really pleasant walk at the golf course, and had to actually take off some layers towards the end.  This is not something we usually experience for January.091
  3. We had two very tired, complacent bulldogs after said walk whom immensely enjoyed the previously described new blanket.


    4. Found a new snack from Trader Joes: Sour Gummie Ts & Js with no artificial flavors or colors.

    5. Tried out the Flight Fitness class at Flight Trampoline Park in Colonie AND got to spend time with a friend.084

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