New Years Eve Tradition

Mister and I have enjoyed our tradition of a homemade, New Year’s Eve steak dinner.  We try a little harder to make ourselves a special dinner, putting time into the menu, ingredients, and presentation.

While I was in charge of the sides, Mister was in charge of the steak and the grill.

On my end there was roasted asparagus, twice baked potatoes, and mushrooms cooked with garlic in butter.  Not just any butter, this was my first time splurging on some Kerrygold.

Woah.  How am I just now making the transition to this good stuff? The above picture shows the difference between Kerrygold (left) and Shoprite generic (right).  I actually had to stop myself from slathering butter on everything for the rest of the weekend, and I didn’t even know I was a fan of butter at all.

Twice baked potatoes were definitely a success.  I’ve never made these before, and sort of combined a few internet recipes.  The potatoes were baked for about an hour, then sliced in half.  The insides were scooped out, mixed with butter, sour cream, and cheese. Here’s where I have a question; is there a recommended way to hold the insanely hot potato for scooping?? I tried a towel, but then got grossed out by the thought of the grimy kitchen towel touching my potatoes.

The mashed potatoes went back into the crispy skins, baked until the cheese on top was melty.  Easy.  Weirdly enough, Mister requested these but he doesn’t like potato skins.  But he said this was better than mashed potatoes.  I’m so confused by this.

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