Cooking Light: Not the Same Old Chicken

I wish it were the same old chicken.

This recipe was pretty awful.  Its like they someone wrote a bunch of things that sounded nice, without ever testing it out.


I had to improvise several times throughout the recipe, adding more seasoning, switching pans, eliminating ingredients. And it still wasn’t that great.  Not magazine worthy, that’s for sure.


Started with pounded chicken breasts, olive oil, and fresh thyme in a hot, oven-proof skillet.  Okay, I like where this is going.  Then you flip, and put the skillet in the oven.  Still okay.

Then you’re supposed to take the pan out of the oven, remove the chicken, and add boiled potatoes, quartered mushrooms, lemon, milk and and flour.  Well when we took the pan out of the oven, there was a lot of liquid, and when I added the mushrooms there was even more liquid.  They never had a chance at browning.  Thankfully Mom had the foresight to roast instead of boiling the potatoes, but we still got stuck with soggy string beans and undercooked mushrooms that had to be transferred to another pan.

So Mom assisted with some triage; we removed the string beans and put them in a bowl, sauteed the mushrooms separately in another pan.  Then we add minced garlic, white wine, thinly sliced lemons and flour to the skillet to make a pan sauce.  Add the mushrooms back in, then eventually stirred back in the string beans.


039.JPG Crispy, oven roasted potatoes, chickens, mushrooms and string beans in a lemon-wine-thyme sauce.  Eh, not worth it.


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