Birthday Dinner: Yeomiji, Scarsdale

Yesterday was my birthday, so my Mom and older sister treated me to dinner.  We planned on going to Namu in Scarsdale, but when we arrived we saw that it had turned into Yeomiji apparently four days prior.


Not deterred, we requested a grill table and settled into the booth like table comfortably.   They seemed to be short staffed, with just one waiter in front until a woman whom we assumed was the owner appeared from the back after another table was seated. Another girl was behind the bar, bringing out a few dishes intermittently but that appeared to be the only waitstaff.  Regardless, they all did a really great job answering questions and replenishing our banchan.

The three of us agreed on the mixed grill to share, which was around $60 I believe, and included short ribs, chicken, rib eye, and pork.

We were started with flavorful miso soup [is that Korean?], and started with a few side dishes while the grill was prepared.  Some were great (seaweed in mayo sauce), some weren’t as great (jellied bean curd).

The woman took charge of the grill for us, which at first we thought was strange but after tasting the masterful cooking we realized it could have been a disaster if we attempted it ourselves.

Full disclaimer, I was the only one at the table who had never had Korean BBQ, so I really had no clue what to expect, whats the norm, or what I was doing.  But it was really good and I loved that we got to linger over a long dinner.

I rolled some meat, rice, and a bit of the paste that was provided (not sure what it was beyond fish sauce and scallions) and devoured.  Some kimchi, bites of rice, alternating bites of crunchy, salty, and tender. I ate a lot, but it didn’t have the weight of a big pasta meal or overly sauced food; it was really just enough of everything.  It was a perfect birthday adventure, and I loved the opportunity to spend it with my family.  Can’t wait to see what another year has to offer.


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