Fairway Market

Wow Fairway….just wow. This place was seriously impressive.

Tasked with picking up wine for Thanksgiving, I decided to go only slightly out of my way and visit Fairway Wines & Spirits in Pelham Manor after work yesterday.  It was a little crowded, but I scored some really great deals and was seriously impressed with both the supermarket side and the wine side.

The two stores are adjacent to each other, similar to Stew Leonards in Yonkers, and I decided to start with the market side to pick up a few things.

I grabbed some sweet, pork sausage which was on sale for $2.99 a pound, to be used for stuffing tomorrow.  The guy behind the butcher counter was very gracious while I was deciding what to get and had it wrapped up quickly.

008Two containers of these blintzes (made in Brooklyn) jumped right into my basket, one apple and one cheese.  I’ll update on how these are once they’re consumed.  I was really excited to see quality looking products on the shelves that aren’t always in big box stores, but also that there was a huge range of price points.

009This brie for example, is a HUGE wedge.  It might be awful, but it was on sale and that price was pretty great.  I’m hoping we can indulge in some with wine and apples while the whole family is getting together this holiday.  I love letting brie sit out at room temp, getting creamy and easy to spread onto things.  Sip of wine….bite of brie…yup losing focus here.  Back to my grocery trip:

002This beer aisle.  So much going on here; basic, generic supermarket beers sitting across from some seriously amazing craft beers.  I wasn’t even planning on buying any but I couldn’t stop browsing the shelves.  This definitely requires a return visit.  Anything great I should keep an eye out for?

I grabbed this salmon and wheatberry salad to eat for dinner, since it was running late and I was tempted by all the prepared foods on display.  It was really good and I scarfed it down too quick for a full photo.  Oops!

Honeycrisp apples, gingerbread cookies, ginger snap cookies, almond milk, and some store-brand natural peanut butter made it into my cart.  All of these items seemed to be at really good values.  Especially the peanut butter, which had no ingredients other than peanuts. Good stuff.

With an armful of grocery bags, I walked over to the wine store.  I loved that they had big turkey stickers on their wines they were recommending for Thanksgiving; thanks for that helpful tip!! I won’t even pretend I’m a wine expert, because a big bottle of Yellowtail Chardonnay definitely went into the basket, but I did grab some bottles of interesting looking wines that I’m looking forward to trying.

The Fairway Wine store had really impressive signage that was incredibly helpful; describing the flavors of the wine, laying out the price very boldly, and suggesting pairings.  The text on most of these signs was HUGE, so I wasn’t squinting or struggling to read anything.

Big thumbs up Fairway, I like you pretty much so far.


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