Not Every Day Is Great

Not every day is meant to be a great one, but without the bad days, the good once wouldn’t be as memorable.

This morning I left the house at the usual 5:20 am to make it to the gym close to my office.  Upon arrival, I realized I didn’t have my phone.  Of course my brain decided to then remind me I had tossed my phone on top of a pile of recycling, which I had then dumped in the recycling bin at the curb before getting in my car this morning.

So I drove back to the house, changed into my work clothes, rescued my phone and drove back to work in time to find a decent parking spot and be sitting at my desk at 6:50 am.  Yup, only slightly frustrated before heading out on my appointments for the day.

Construction, NYC

Construction, NYC

My first appointment was in the Financial District, followed by a few more.  After heading on the train back up to the Bronx, I get an email that I need to revisit one of the sites in the Financial District.  Hey, at least the weather is nice!

Freedom Tower

I even managed to treat myself to an everything bagel with scallion cream cheese.


Decided that I was in control of my day, I would enjoy my book and a quick lunch break.  Then the trains were delayed, a ginger kombucha spilled in my bag, and the 4 trained turned from local to express without warning.  Shit happens, and sometimes I think its just karma’s way of reminding you that you can’t control everything.  But that’s okay.


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