This past weekend Mister and I celebrated six months of being engaged with a party.


It was so amazing to be surrounded by all the people we love in one place; his family, my family, our friends and neighbors.

I did most of the decorating myself, and I was super proud of all of the personal touches I was able to include.

Above, are carved tealight candle holders from Birch House Market on Etsy.  The gourds and some heirloom pumpkins were picked out from a farm with my future sister in law.  The felt leaf is actually a decorative place-mat from the Christmas Tree Shop.


I loved having lots of pictures of us around,  but my favorite decoration was this clothesline timeline.  I used the app Printic to print some of my photos to look like Polaroids.  Then Mister and I hunkered down and wrote the dates and places where the pictures were taken; this was actually a really fun night for us.  We got to relieve some of our roadtrips, and the day we got engaged.  Then I picked up string and clothes pins from the dollar store, and voila!

The tulle pom poms are from Oriental Trading Company to hide where the string was tied to the banister.  It was an easy craft that made the decoration felt more personalized, I was really happy with how it turned out.

We had some signs, tons of photographs, flowers, and more than one fire going.  My sister brought fireworks and there was plenty of champagne.  We still have a wedding to look forward to, but for now I’m feeling pretty happy.

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