New Twist

Tried something new, that I might have made up.  But it was pretty great if I do say so myself.


Slightly marinated chicken was grilled, cut into chunks, then tossed into some wing sauce and topped with bleu cheese crumbles.  It was like a mouthful of juicy wing goodness without saggy skin, or grease, or having to leave my kitchen.  I would totally eat this again.

This was the result of that feeling when you’ve been eating kind of gross junk food for a few days, and you can’t bear the idea of craving healthy food ever again but you also know how awful you’re staring to feel.  So its kind of healthy, tastes like junk food.  Win win.


This weekend we worked on getting some finishing touches for Mister and I’s engagement party next weekend. (cider was for immediate consumption)  I can’t wait to show off how everything comes together! I’ve probably gone way overboard, but isn’t that the fun of a party?


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