January Weekend

With the new job I’ve been in Westchester/NYC Monday-Friday, visiting Mister on the weekends.

We try to take advantage of every second; decompressing from the week, appreciating each other, and talking about what can happen next.


I convinced Mister that a hike through the Pinebush would be worth it, and it was. Three miles of snowy paths through the woods, just the perfect amount of sun to ease the seriously cold air.


We stopped at the supermarket for dinner supplies; an oversized batch of chili was on the stove about an hour later.


I’ve written about chili before, I’ve made it at least once a month for as long as I can remember. There’s never a hard recipe, and the ingredients fluctuate.


I added this Goya Sofrito to some glistening diced onion in the pot. This was a whim for me, I’ve never cooked with this before. The second new tweak was replacing one of the two cans of tomatoes with a can of crushed tomatillos.

Those two worked. This was so deeply satisfying, with a flavor more complex than my usual chili. Topped with some diced avocado and cheddar cheese I ate two bowls. Never apologize for a healthy appetite.


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