Where is home?
I’ve moved out of my apartment. I’ve started my new job.

Staying with my Dad this past week I’ve lost the essence of the word home. A few nights at his place, a night at my Mom’s house, and a weekend back in Albany with Mister. Home is where my overnight bag and my phone charger are.

We made the most of this weekend visit in the Capital Region.


Took the dogs to an Albany Devils game.

They were allowed in as part of a Mohawk Hudson Humane Society fundraiser, and it was fun to see a whole upper section of people with their pups. This year was significantly an improvement for my dog, Mona, over last year. She didn’t bark at the mascot, and she didn’t lunge off the stairs every few seconds. My little babe is all grown up.



Afterwards we dropped the girls off at home and ventured to Troy. Considering some items left on my Albany-area bucket list we went to The Brown Bag.

With all the hype I’ve read about this place, I was a little weary it wouldn’t be that great. Sometimes gimmicks draw people in but aren’t worth it.


The South Troy burger was worth it. House made burger nestled in a glazed donut with bacon and peanut butter.

Mister and I split one, and the owner went out of his way to split it for us to make sharing easier. We are this gooey, meaty, sweet and salty confection right at the counter.

The glazed donut was from Schuyler Bakery; the owner knew everything about their operation and it was obvious he takes pride in selecting who to work with and the final product.

We shared that burger and an order of fries, the perfect amount of food. Spicy, salty fries with gooey sweetness. We weren’t stuffed, but certainly satisfied.

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