Baked For Me

I had a perfect experience with local bakery, Bake For You.
Between Mister and I, we had two family holidays, a move, a lot of driving, and work on the schedule.

I feel weird arriving at anyone’s house empty handed, so I considered my local options. Due to the move, cooking or baking wasn’t going to happen. My pans are in boxes and my poor Kitchenaid stand mixer is lovingly nested in a tote bag.

After a quick email to Linda at Bake For You, I had an order placed, scheduled for two different pick up times for three different recipients. Seriously, she is great. She kept the Christmas wrapping off my Chanukkah cookie box and promised plenty of red and green on the second pick up.



For $27.50, I walked away from the bakery with a hefty box of cookies, macaroons, and brownies.

There was an assorted 2 dozen pieces of sweet, gooey goodness. Just enough chocolate, sugar, crunch, yum.

The ordering process was so easy and convenient, the resulting product was exactly what I wanted. A varied assortment of fresh, classically creative dessert. Linda went out of her way to accommodate my two holiday requests, and an extra order off the menu. The box was ready exactly when I requested and I was able to walk in on my way out of town.

I’m drooling in anticipation of picking up my next order, and will definitely grab something to eat in the car next time.

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