Someone posted this on Facebook and it caught my eye.
How many people are swept up in gluten free? Isn’t it entirely possible that when you first cut out gluten, you are avoiding processed carbohydrates and simple sugars? These are foods that make you feel lethargic, sugar highs and crashes.

I think avoiding white breads, simple starches, beer, cake, etc. would make anyone feel a little better. But is that relevant to the gluten? Will we ever really know?

2 thoughts on “Buzzwords

  1. The vast majority of people have no gluten allergies or sensitivities. If you aren’t allergic to gluten, there is very little reason to cut it out of your diet, especially since most “gluten free” foods are highly processed and contain just as much sugar and refined carbs and starch as other options with gluten. It’s just an idiotic bandwagon that people who think it means “healthy” jump on board with.

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