Down The Rabbit Hole

I’ve fallen way down that hole. I haven’t blogged, because I havnt been cooking anything stellar (I messed up pea soup the other day…pea soup!) but also because of a lot of changes about to happen.

As of January I will be moving back to Westchester after being in Albany since Fall of 2005. Almost ten years in Albany. This is where I went to college, grad school, had my heart broken, found friends, took on my first full time job, adopted a dog, found my boyfriend, and established myself as a real person.

I know which grocery stores have the better meat. I know which short cuts to take to get down Central Ave at 5pm. I know which dog park will have the least mud in March. I like it here.

But I’m moving. It’s happening. It’s like a slippery slope in slow motion. I have no idea what to expect, but it’s happening!

After attending the All Over Albany party at New World Catering I realized just how much I’ve entrenched myself in Albany. I check my blogs daily….who will guide me in Westchester?!

Last night we ate an endless stream of great flavors, and our gluttony didn’t end there. We even stopped at Cheesecake Machismo for two of their last slices. Fortunately, by the time we got home all of the food had settled and we saved the cheesecake for another time.

Some photos from last night (I didn’t want to use flash and scare anyone!)




Deviled eggs were over the top my favorite. I easily ate too many, and apologize if anyone didn’t get some because I was probably hiding in the corner eating them all.
And the paella. That doesn’t count as unhealthy carbs right? Because I had two platefuls and am not about to track that in my little food diary.

I will miss Albany.


6 thoughts on “Down The Rabbit Hole

  1. Wha?!?!

    Okay. First. I didn’t get any of those deviled eggs.
    Second, I can’t believe I missed you in person.

    Finally, are you sure you got your Albany exit visa stamped? I don’t recall stamping any exit visas. I don’t think we’re ready to let you go (even though you’re a low down rotten dirty filthy stinking deviled egg hoarder).


    • You missed the eggs because I unashamedly sat facing the tray once I became aware of their goodness, I know what I like and I have a competetive streak.

      I’ve still got more things to try…and will most likely be back most weekends for the Mister. What ground (food/booze/bites) NEEDS to get covered before I go?
      PS your donut reviews have become NSFW for me because I end up just staring at donuts.

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