Vacation Vacation

This past weekend Mister and I traveled to Boston, followed by two nights in Salem, Massachusetts.

We ate.



And walked. And ate.



Thankfully we were walking off all of this sugar, butter, and deliciously carb laden goodness. But after five days I’m left feeling relaxed, bloated, and greasy.

At the supermarket last night upon arriving home, I picked up loads of fresh vegetables. Spinach, kale, peppers, green beans, carrots, broccoli. A bag of dried chick peas. Some vegetable broth. These are the things I’m craving to reset.

I’ve also decided to attempt a no-meat diet for a week or so. I’ll keep eggs and dairy, but skipping over the pork, chicken, beef, turkey for a bit. On our drive home we passed two trucks full of live chickens. They looked cold, and terrified; clearly chicken is off the menu.

Any veggie recipe recommendations? I’m treating this as a new cooking adventure, new combinations and spices to explore.

One thought on “Vacation Vacation

  1. Did you bring me back one of those rum squares? That’s what I want.

    Have you made my Cuban black beans yet? That’s the one that my daughter wants to eat all the time. It’s her favorite food and she’s the meat lover in the family.

    I’ve been loving beans and greens. Garlic, oil, chicken broth, cannellini beans, salt, and maybe a parm-reg rind. Anchovy or no anchovy. Red pepper flakes or no red pepper flakes. Eaten as a stew with crusty bread or served over pasta. Rabe or escarole. It would probably work with kale or collards too. Spinach or arugula I’m sure would be fine (just don’t stew them to death).

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