Pot Roast Perfected

The crock pot is a wonderful thing. But there is the occasion where I just don’t want to use it. Pot roast tends to be that occasion.

It’s very name implies it should be cooked in a pot. I obliged the dishes title and followed Ree Drummond’s recipe.


Heat up oil in your lovely Creuset. Brown the halved onions.


Brown the carrots.


Liberally salt and pepper the roast, then sear on all sides. Reserve it to the plate waiting on the stove already holding the onions and carrots. Add beef broth to deglaze the pot. Whisk that good stuff around, then return the onions, carrots, and beef to the pot. Top with fresh herbs.


Cover and put in the oven at about 275°.


Searing the meat is key. The deglazing is key. But even better is cooking it until perfectly tender but just barely holds it form. This doesn’t happen when using solely the crock pot.



I plated it up with some steamed red potatoes and topped it all with a perfect mushroom gravy. (Frozen seasoned mushrooms from Trader Joes, mixed with butter, flour, and beef broth)

It was so incredibly perfect. Mister and I ate in silence, pausing between bites to agree how good it was. We had to pack up the leftovers to prevent ourselves from having seconds. I wanted another plate to savour, though I knew there was absolutely no room for it in my stomach. I can’t wait to eat the leftovers, this dish needing absolutely no improvement.


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