Local Libation


According to their website this Apple Mead is made with a special mash of Indian Ladder Farms apples combined with fermented honey.

It looked seasonally appropriate for an almost fall evening. Something different then the usual wine or pumpkin beers (is anyone else already sick of hearing about these?)


This locally made mead (which Google tells me is the oldest form of alcohol?) is hard to describe.

On the tongue it is fizzy and at first inhale taste like cider, but goes down with a stronger, more fermented and alcoholic flavor. There is hardly any aftertaste, neither negative nor positive. Making it a comforting drink to cozy up with.

Sniffing the glass is scarily similar to paint thinner or rubbing alcohol, with a feeling of impending doom. Followed by the light fizz of a cider and the sharp hit of fermented….other. I’m assuming honey. The more I sip it, the more it reminds me of a heavier red wine, lingering in a heavier way than white wine or cider. Sometimes it felt uncomfortably like drinking perfume, other sips were more like a well crafted cocktail.

In summation, it went very well with my chicken soup (not to brag, but my chicken soup was pretty good stuff).


I would get it again. I will get it again. Maybe try the other varieties.



2 thoughts on “Local Libation

    • I would love to read your review of the Helderberg Mead, I’m sure it would make sense out of my confusion.

      When “seasonal pumpkin beers” appear in August, they no longer seem appropriate come October. Lately their either too cinnamon sweet or awkwardly bitter.

      I used carrots when making the broth, but didn’t have any left when it came to eating. Poor planning. I used the bones from our holiday roast chicken, the extra bits of meat left over, onions and some wilty spinach on the verge of bad, isn’t that what soup is perfect for?

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