The Enthusiasm Continues

The kitchen madness has continued. Through dinner and was only reignited during the rainy morning.

Last night I indulged Mister with some chicken and biscuits (aka chicken and dumplings…is this all the same dish?)


I pulled down the trusty crueset and started by browning chunks of chicken with diced onion.




To this I added mixed frozen vegetables, and the gooey, gelatinous goodness of Campbell’s condensed soup. There is something so soothing about this thick, reliable substance. Maybe it’s the preservatives, or the chemicals, but sometimes the comfort derived from a Campbell’s casserole just feels perfect. It settles over everything in a gentle, even coating; coaxed along with a few stirs and a cup or so of water.


While that is heating through, I mixed up some Bisquick with water.


The trick here is to add a bit of seasoning not only to the soupy mixture but the biscuit dough as well. I like garlic and paprika, a dash of salt and pepper. Then glob it onto the top of the bubbling soup. I try to leave spaces, crevices almost like rivers, to allow for easier serving.


10 minutes uncovered. 10 minutes covered. Eat.


It’s so classic, easy. Inexpensive and satisfies your stomach on a deeper level. Like hot cocoa after sledding, a bowl of this sticks with you in all of it’s gluey goodness.

One thought on “The Enthusiasm Continues

  1. Technically chicken and dumplings also (or perhaps even more traditionally) refers to 1) unleavened pasta squares, a la the Pennsylvania Dutch, 2) unleavened cut dumplings a la knoephla soup of the Germans from Russia. Chicken and biscuits also refers to creamed chicken ladled over baked biscuits.

    And then, of course, there’s the 20th-century-traditional Bisquick chicken and biscuits.

    I have made a version of this with a bechamel sauce made with chicken stock instead of milk and baked sweet cream biscuits. It’s so delicious. I need to make it again sometime soon, methinks! Maybe tomorrow?

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