Falling for Autumn

Saturday was cold and rainy. I passed the time thinking about steamy casseroles, soul soothing soups, and spicy scents filling my oven.

I wrote down some ideas, printed out a handful of recipes. They were put on hold until today when I had the time. Cooking deserves time when you want it to comfort and soothe. Zapping a nutritious meal into being in moments is always possible, but sometimes the act of mixing and creating is more therapeutic.


I started with a simple bread in the bread machine. I had too many ideas and too little counter space to focus on just the bread, so the lovely gadget filled my kitchen with a luscious smell while I moved onto my other projects.



I wanted a soup that was filling and luscious. Fresh sage and onion mingled with butter until fragrant. These were joined by butternut squash (pre diced by Trader Joes), chicken broth (found in the pantry), some apples, and some tofu (I wanted silken but TJs only had extra firm today).


Letting that simmer while covered I pulled out another pan for project number two. (three counting that bread)



My friend made an inspiring quiche while I was at her house over Labor Day weekend so I borrowed the recipe. I bought all the ingredients with the best intentions and then got distracted. Cottage cheese got subbed instead of ricotta. Peppers were added instead of spinach.

Spraying a pan with cooking spray, I softened onions and some frozen peppers. Once cooked, I put those in a pie dish (also coated with nonstick spray). In a seperate bowl I whisked egg whites, three eggs, half a cup of cottage cheese, some random seasonings and a handful of shredded cheese (it was the assorted kind from Trader Joes). Baked at 350° for about thirty minutes it looks great.

I’ve still got the spinach and ricotta for the next one. The goal is egg for breakfast, soup for lunch.

Remember that soup I started? While the eggs were in the oven I used my kitchenaid immersion blender to purée that goodness. The sage was the best decision. It made the soup savory in an intense way that played well with the ginger and cinnamon I had liberally added.



I hope this cooking spree keeps up long enough to sustain me through the impending cold. It’s like an expecting mother nesting for her child to be, the cold inspires me to settle in with a ladle and a crockpot.

3 thoughts on “Falling for Autumn

  1. I’m hopeful that we’ll get a bunch of late season roma tomatoes from the CSA. With the cool nights of fall, I love to put them in a very low oven before going to bed, and wake up to a house perfumed with oven-dried tomatoes.

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