Tea Party

This afternoon I had a lovely grown up tea party with a friend at the Tailored Tea in Latham. I’ve been waiting for an excuse to get up there for a while now , somehow I didn’t think Mister would be too please with dainty china or scones.

Today we were too early for afternoon tea, but enjoyed a leisurely lunch. It was perfectly light, allowing us to linger and not feel stuffed even after dessert.





The building breathed a heavy aura of history, with the original small rooms kept intact for service. It felt similar to visiting someone’s just slightly formal parlor for a visit. The china was mismatched and the napkins were cloth.


I went with a peach tea (that had several other descriptive characteristics on the menu). For lunch I had a the George Gershwin salad; the greens were fresh, the apples crisp, and the bacon was savory. It was enough to leave me satisfied without being an overwhelming plate.

The real winner of my afternoon was dessert. Strawberry shortcake. Macerated fruit layered with whipped cream and a perfectly savory biscuit. It was so perfect in taste and presentation.



My friend has the cream of mushroom soup with half of a sandwich, the salted caramel cake for dessert. The tea was kept hot for the duration of out meal over little warmers. It made me wish for a little more formality and whimsy infused into other meals.

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