Never Arrive Empty Handed

After an invite to a BBQ came my way, I started browsing cook books and websites for something to bring.

Then reality struck and I realized I was working the day before, and the day of the cookout (and the day after if that really matters). So I needed something with either ingredients I had or could quickly grab on my way home from work, something that could be made a day ahead, and something that was summery, shareable, and relatively healthy.

I decided on two solutions: peach-strawberry salsa, and a guacamole. Both could be made ahead of time, quickly, and served easily with tortilla chips.

For the salsa I diced some overripe peaches, strawberries that had lingered a little too long, onion (less is more with this salsa), seeded jalapeño, and a bit of tomato. I added lime juice, garlic, and cinnamon for a sweet and savory dip.





For the guacamole I cheated a bit. Very ripe avocado mashed with fat free Greek yogurt and spicy Rotel tomatoes.





I love these Rubbermaid brand food containers; they’re glass so they look pretty for serving and don’t stain. But I do find that the lids don’t deal great unless you only fill them less than halfway. (Hello design flaw) For these particular recipes I put a piece of Glad Press and Seal right into the surface of the food and then put the lids on. Hopefully this will prevent leakage as well as browning, within reason.


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