New Tastes

We’re trying Indian.
I realized I’ve only been out for Indian food once. I’ve had Indian-esque snacks and elements but I don’t think I’ve really jumped into the ethnic cuisine with the attention it deserves.

After a successful takeout order from Jewel of India on Lark Street, we decided to tackle the dinner buffet to try more dishes in one meal.




We had plenty of delectable morsels. Butter chicken was by far our favorite. I want to eat it by the bowl, with an extra large serving spoon and maybe a swirl of hot rice.



Oddly enough, we learned that being first to their dinner buffet isn’t a good thing. It was obvious that all of the food was held over from the lunch buffet. I’m not complaining about that, I can accept economics and cooking etc. However my issue was that the seemingly solo waitress didn’t light any of the warming sterno flames until after we had started eating.

This meant we each had one plateful of lukewarm, almost congealed meat and veggies. The variety wasn’t as great as we were expecting, and would probably return for the cheaper lunch buffet. Logic would predict the food might be both warmer and fresher the first time around.

What is your favorite Indian dish? Recipe? Restaurant?

2 thoughts on “New Tastes

  1. You gotta try Parivar Spices and Food up Central ave. It feels really authentic maybe because its in the back of the grocery store. I accidentally ordered something random off the menu and got a delicious dosa that could feed an army (for a very affordable price). Also Karavalli in Latham for the classier experience.

  2. I second Parivar. The contrasts of flavors and textures in the Dahi Puri makes it a favorite of mine. It’s a cool dish that’s great for summer. But making Indian food at home is super easy. The chana masala I make from the MDH spice blend is one of the most popular dishes in the repertoire. Dosas are a PITA to make at home. So glad the Parivar folks will make one for me.

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