Reheated Restaurant

Cooking is not reheating. Reheating is not cooking.

When you go out to a restaurant, it’s with the expectation that someone else is doing the cooking for you. Unfortunately, at L.A.X. on Lark Street, they use the term “cooking” loosely.

The menu confused us for starters. It’s an Asian/Italian fusion concept. Amidst our attempts to decode the menu, we decided sushi wasn’t a good choice at a place that also offered pizza and burgers in a club like atmosphere.

Settling on a slider duo we felt assured date night was off to a comfortable start. The duo consisted of both chicken and meatball Parmesan sliders; in theory we pictured gooey and gluttonous bites.


Sadly, the cook had apparently given up. What arrived were frozen, breaded chicken tenders and frozen meatballs on mini rolls, with bland jarred sauce and a hunk of cheese. The only highlight of these was the soft, potato rolls which were slightly sweet. Everything else was a reheated disaster.

The meatballs were frozen. Like buy one get two free at Price Chopper level frozen. Gritty and chewy frozen. We both managed less than a bite. I pulled out the chicken tenders, which were fine. But clearly previously frozen.


The waitress that retrieved this dish from our table didn’t comment on the fact that we ate maybe one slider between the two of us. Instead she delivered our entrees.

Trying to be healthy I stuck to a salad. The arugula salad was neither Asian nor Italian, and was admittedly good. Maybe that’s the secret to ordering.

Arugula, strawberries, sliced apples, goat cheese. I asked for no candied walnuts, the addition of grilled chicken, and the balsamic dressing on the side.

Mister wasn’t as lucky. He ordered a burger off of their specials list.


Let’s just take a moment to really look at that hamburger patty. It is almost certainly previously frozen (from the uniform shape and size), grayish, with an unappealing texture just based on looks alone. He soldiered through less than half.

We paid with a groupon (which is the reason we gave the place a try) and Mister took the opportunity to complain to the server about the overall quality of the food. The servers response? We didn’t order one of their specialties.

His reasoning for our food being sub-par, reheated, mass produced dreck is it wasn’t some of the restaurants specialties. I don’t have enough energy to elaborate the irrationality within that argument.

2 thoughts on “Reheated Restaurant

  1. The appalling quality of burgers at a multitude of restaurants is infuriating. Especially at “high end” steakhouses “known” for their burgers and you get delivered an obviously hand-formed, but dry, unseasoned, and tasteless puck of meat with no real toppings and a teensy cup of ketchup on the side (I effing hate that – just bring the whole bottle!).

    Also, having watched Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares a lot, I know how many restaurants rely on frozen and pre-made food. It’s terrifying. Especially since making scratch stuff like meatballs and chicken tenders takes so very little time and effort.

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