Scavenging and Foraging

Sometimes I open the fridge and just stare.
I do the grocery shopping, I do the cooking, and the eating. Things do not appear or disappear in there. (Mister and I straightened out that issue early on, hands off my meals).
Yet I still open, and stare.

I don’t want to eat what is in there some nights. Or I’m craving something sweeter. Or fresher. Or nothing at all but something to full the roar of a growling stomach.

Tonight I was excited for a big hunk of salmon. It went bad, while lost in the depths of the very same fridge referenced above. Perfectly delectable salmon, wasted.

Nothing else in the fridge seemed as good.
So I decided to finish up the rest of the orphaned items that were at risk of going bad.

Mung bean sprouts were introduced to a hot pan.



Almost wilt-y snow peas, shredded leftover chicken. The last egg from the carton.

A dash of Braggs Liguid Aminos. Some ginger. Garlic.

It wasn’t salmon. But it was spicy and warm. Light and justified.

One thought on “Scavenging and Foraging

  1. I recently read an article about how to arrange your fridge for minimal food waste, and one of the best ideas was to use the top shelf for leftovers and foods you want to cook right away! It seems so simple, but mine often ended up on the bottom shelf in the back. Ooops. Now I use the bottom shelf for grab’n’go leftovers (i.e. stuff in jars), and things like giant tortillas and big cartons of yogurt that just don’t fit well anywhere else.

    Also – I made a whole lot of grilled chicken the other day and I diced the leftovers before I put them away. BEST IDEA EVER. With a bag full of home-chopped lettuce I could make a salad and microwaved tacos any time I wanted. So good for you for using up leftovers, but next time try keeping that salmon on the top shelf so you’ll be reminded of it!

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