Mediocre Meals

We were hungry, I was tired from an extra long work week and it was too hot to be fussing with nutrition.

With an easy, light meal in mind we headed to The Pump Station downtown. After perusing the menu, we sadly agreed we probably should have gone to Browns Brewing in Troy instead. Why do restaurants offer everything from burgers, to nachos, to lobster Mac and cheese. You can’t offer everything at the risk of everything being mediocre. And that’s what happened.



They ranged from terrible to mediocre. Only one was palatable to consider ordering on it’s own. Two tasted buttery like blue moon, two were similar to coors light, one was dark and rich, two were hoppy bitter IPAs and one was like the leftover suds from a million IPAs combined. I remembered liking their beer in the past…what happened??

I ordered a burger, medium rare, with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, and tomato.


Ain’t no rare burger there buddy. It was fine. The fries were fine. Boyfriends mashed potatoes were cold. Mediocre meal all around.

4 thoughts on “Mediocre Meals

  1. Sorry you had such a mediocre meal – usually in a flight like that you can find something good. Well, it’s mediocre evenings that help you enjoy the good ones.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I hope you sent back the burger. There’s no sense in eating an overcooked one. At least you can munch of fries while the kitchen’s second attempt is underway.

    • Logical people would assume I had sent it back, and I’m almost embarrassed to explain my version of restaurant logic: if they couldn’t get an easy thing right the first time they’re either terrible in the kitchen or know that the burger they served me was so thin it couldn’t have successfully been cooked rarer. I’ll have to practice sending things back, because I agree it makes more sense then stewing in silence.

  3. You’re lucky you didn’t go to the Pump Station and order a medium burger, only to be delivered on that was raw in the middle! The only good thing there anymore seems to be their pear hard cider.

    Next time, try hitting the Plaza 23 Truck Stop diner. It’s cheap, uniformly delicious, and the staff is super friendly. But you may know that already, since it’s near the Slater. The Olde English Pub is also quite good and just around the corner from the Pump Station. But you probably already knew that, too.

    Mediocre food drives me bonkers. Especially when it’s expensive.

    PS I rarely send things back unless I think they will endanger my health, like that time with the raw burger. Chad ate his, and I’m surprised he didn’t get food poisoning.

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