Saratoga County Fair

Going to county fairs always gives me the warm fuzzies. They are dependable. No matter the county, there is always the crowd, the animals, the rides, the food. It’s like pulling your sweaters out for the first time in the fall and feeling cozy; fairs make me feel cozy.


The fair of my childhood memories is the Columbia County Fair. My family has a vacation house in that area, and the fair was always part of our one last summer harrah before school started. Maybe that’s why I’m so nostalgic for the memories a county fair can evoke; that pure feeling of freedom and fun before another year of school.

This past weekend Mister and I ventured out to the Saratoga County fair. We got there at around 7pm after sitting in some pretty awful, event related traffic. Then we drove past all the “lot full” signs as we were waved to a parking lot much, much, much further down the road.


The walk wasn’t terrible, but the lack of sidewalk made things a little scary. I justified it as enough exercise to earn me some fair food.

Don’t most people go to the fair to pet some cows and eat some greasy goodness? Since I’ve been extremely conscious of my eating lately (focusing on macro nutrients, whole foods etc), the foods I was so excited for also had me a little nervous. Was it worth gorging on some questionable meats only to feel some expectantly negative results?


I was indecisive and most certainly annoying Mister after stopping at several booths only to end up not ordering anything. Finally, I found a permanent structure, where a local family restaurant was selling some food. They could tell me where they sourced their rolls and sausage; and both were the brands I seek out. I was ecstatic! Perfectly greasy sausage topped with velvety peppers and onions all on top of a perfectly fluffy and crispy roll. Fair food doesn’t have to be a sacrifice.


We went on the Ferris wheel, and the impossibly high swings. We laughed into the darkness over the bright lights of the midway. The county fair exists in it’s own realm of time, where candy apples are expected and excitement is overwhelmingly heavy in the air.

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