Another Type Of Quick Dinner

To cater to the summertime laziness of long work hours and incessant humidity, Mister called in an order for Paolo Lombardi’s Dash and Dine.

We’ve gone this route once in the past on the suggestion of some of his coworkers, and we’ve been impressed both times. For $14.99 we received a tray of cheese ravioli with a luscious sausage based sauce, several slices of garlic breads with an extra portion of herbed butter, and a mixed green salad with their house dressing on the side.


You can call or place the order online, and there is a different offering each night. Their menu is posted online, leaving you with the sole responsibility of retrieving the food and keeping it warm until everyone is ready for dinner.


We ate outside in the perfect amount of sunshine, and followed it up with a nap for me, a walk for the Mister and then headed across the river for some Snowman ice cream. Perfection.

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