Sushi Satisfaction

Yesterday the Mister and I stopped at the Price Chopper on Western Ave after a trip to Crossgates Mall. While there we noticed a new sushi place and decided to check it out this evening as a little Monday dinner date.

Blowfish Sushi is tucked away in the far corner of the strip in the Price Chopper plaza, and we were slightly apprehensive upon approaching. We couldn’t get the door open,so we went immediately next door to the small Chinese restaurant that is apparently part of the same business.

After that weird mishap, everything exceeded our expectations. They’re a brand new restaurant, and we were the only ones there at the time (the waitress fixed the locked door situation immediately, to ensure that wasn’t keeping people out!)



I loved the refreshing atmosphere inside; it was like the sushi serving version of a juice bar.

Blowfish offers an all you can eat option, for $20 per person. Each person is given an order sheet and a pencil to dive into satiation.


We went into this with Sushi X in Latham as our foundation for expectations and were pleasantly surprised on everything. The service and food went above the awkward mediocrity of Sushi X; the waitress was eager to bring us constant refills of water and to replenish our order sheets, while the rolls were fresh and just the right temperature. (Does anyone else get irritated with super cold sushi?)





A group of college aged kids and a mother and daughter pair were seated while we were gorging ourselves, and I couldn’t help but get excited for our waitress. This was a refreshing dinner date, and I wish them crowds and abundant tips.


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