Not Everyone’s A Winner

We’ve all seen those tantalizing recipes on Pinterest, or the inventive combinations bragged about on Instagram. I’ve stolen a few ideas for recipes or meals; but let’s face it, they’re not all the greatest thing. Even if they have a pretty border and great photos.

This morning I tried something new for breakfast, mixing my cooking oatmeal with my raw egg whites. The theory is they cook together making a light, fluffy breakfast with protein and cinnamon. Nope. Liar.

I ended up with a clumpy bowl of boogers. Sorry but it wasn’t good. I might have done something wrong but I think this process would only work if you loaded it up with all the fruit, peanut butter, and nuts shown in the pictures, which defeats the simplicity and low calorie enticement.

I couldn’t even take a picture, because it was chunky, white globs in a bowl. No one wants to see that.

2 thoughts on “Not Everyone’s A Winner

  1. Failure is the best teacher – how do you think I got so good at cooking? Lol. I still make mistakes. For instance, the other day I made crockpot chicken thighs with garlic, lemon, and cracked Israeli green olives. Sounds amazing, right? And while it wasn’t bad, the olives turned rather bitter and the lemon wasn’t all that lemony nor was the garlic all that garlicky after such a long cooking (on low even, but still too long). And the chicken mostly shredded, even after being cooked only on low. Still edible, but not at all what I was expecting. Oh well – live and learn!

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