Italian Fest

After the Troy River Street Fair we headed to Italia Fest at the Italian American community center on Washington Ave.
The Greek Fest has amazing food, so our expectations of an ethnic food festival was pretty high. Italian food, we all know the red sauces of Albany and the Pastries of Villa Italia: high expectations, bigger disappointment.

An empty tent, cold food. A girl singing acoustic covers of Lady Gaga replaced by a garage band singing Green Day. They were probably in diapers when the song came out.

Where is the Italian? Where is the good food? Why is my soup cold and my meatball definitely frozen from Price Chopper? So much went wrong here.

One thought on “Italian Fest

  1. My biggest disappointment in moving to NY was the “Italian” food. Where are the effing vegetables??? Actual Italians ate MOSTLY vegetables! There are never any herbs or olives, no vegetables other than tomatoes and the occasional eggplant, and everything is covered in cheese and grease. Oh, and no authentic cheeses other than occasionally Parmesan. No authentic cured meats other than pepperoni and slimy prosciutto. And the “pesto” “sauce” is like 95% olive oil, 4% basil, and 1% garlic. No cheese, no pine nuts. UGH. Don’t even get me started on Italian “cookies” that are neon-colored and chalky. What? No. I am sad that your festival experience was awful, but it seems to be an epidemic. I think our Italian neighbors need to go back to their actual roots in Italy, not just the outer boroughs of NYC. Gravy and meatballs and cheese-laden eggplant parmesan definitely have their delicious places, but that’s Italian American food – can we maybe move beyond that occasionally? *sigh*

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