In an earlier post I outlined that I like to do my food shopping and meal prep on Sundays. I like cooking, but sometimes it can seem daunting when coming home from a long day or when you have total gumby arms from a trip to the gym. So I meal prep.

This week my biggest task was “ricing” a head of cauliflower to be used two ways throughout the week.
This preparation of cauliflower is insanely versatile, and a great way to bulk up a meal (quickly) without adding extra carbs.

The cauliflower head gets chopped small enough to fit in the food processor, then goes for a whirl with the grater attachment.
If you don’t have a food processor, a box grater is fine but will take way longer.

Also, for some mysterious reason I end up with shards of cauliflower coating my kitchen after this process. I think it has something to do with not enough counter space and attempting to balance a cutting board and food processor between the sink and the stove, near the best outlet.

You’ll end up with a ton of “rice.”

This week I cooked this “rice” two ways: 1.) with lemon, garlic, and olive oil to be served with salmon and asparagus. 2.) with coconut oil, sesame oil, and ginger to join a stir fry of veggies and shredded chicken.


My goal when cooking the cauliflower this way is to get the oil/pan hot enough to toast it, instead of letting it get too mushy. It works great for fried rice, or with any saucy protein dish. Really it’s a great sub for rice when you’re looking to eat lighter or more creatively. For me, it’s much faster than traditional rice as well and makes for a quick, one pan dinner.

2 thoughts on “Versatility

  1. I actually have no idea, you’d probably have to work in small batches to make sure it doesn’t over process. Another option I’ve done before is to just use a box grater and grate just what you need for dinner instead of doing it all at once.

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