Summer Slump

It seems that every year as the weather gets warmer, and the produce more abundant, I spend less time with recipes and seeking out inspiration.
Late spring, early summer I throw together some veggies and protein for dinner, a smoothie for breakfast and I’m happy.
Lunch this week is a vibrant chicken salad with broccoli, red grapes, and grated carrots. Just an example of eating whatever looks good.
Does this happen to everyone?
I’ll hopefully be back in the swing of food adventures soon!

One thought on “Summer Slump

  1. I have the opposite problem! Spring is sometimes the worst time for me, especially when the weather is hot, because I try hard to eat seasonally, but it’s hard to be healthy when only a few vegetables are in season! I love summer because when everything is fresh and delicious, you barely have to cook at all: salted tomatoes, veggies and cold dip, homemade flatbreads, salads, grilled veggies, etc. I’ve recently fallen in love with eggplant and can’t wait to try it out this summer once it’s in season.

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