Ted’s Fish Fry

After six plus years in Albany, I finally had my first fish fry experience.

Mister and I had planned on getting ice cream to hold us over while out running errands but Kurver was closed (it looked closed, we didn’t actually confirm this) so after leaving Bensons Pet Center on Wolf Road we stopped at Ted’s Fish Fry next door.


We shared the dinner special and mini hot dogs, our total was $17 and change which felt reasonable for the amount of food we got.



The fish was so flaky on the inside and crispy; piping hot perfection.

The mini dogs were Hembolds, but the bun to hot dog ratio was off. I had to check to confirm there was actual something other than meat sauce on the bun. It was fine, but wouldn’t order again. The fish and the New England clam chowder were worth repeating.
Where should I try next?

3 thoughts on “Ted’s Fish Fry

  1. Oh dear. You know… you went to Ted’s Fish Fry and didn’t get the Fish Fry, right? Fish Fry isn’t fried fish. Lots of people make this mistake. And you can’t replicate the Fish Fry by putting small pieces of fried fish on a hot dog bun either. Part of the experience is the ridiculous geometry of the thing.

    You can get a sense of it in the picture of the Lunch Special on the menu. But photos rarely do justice to the real thing.

    I’m a big fan of Gene’s for Fish Fry, but others prefer Off Shore. Gene’s however is only seasonal, so I’d strike now before the weather gets too hot to enjoy an al fresco lunch/dinner.

    • I’ve never been a fan of breaded/fried things on bread, something about it just seems unnecessary. However, I’m now determined to try it. I’m sure it’s one of those things that is delicious in all of it’s carb glory.

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