Meals on the Mess Deck

Last night I arrived at a shipyard in Staten Island.

The historic ship I am fortunate enough to work aboard is in dry dock, undergoing hull restoration. It felt surreal to run my hands along the massive, looming hull but at the same time, the bunks felt just like home. As soon as I rolled out my sleeping bag I imagined the measly Hudson River of Albany was just beyond the bulkhead.

The volunteers and staff participating in the restoration effort are inspiring. Almost every day they eat three meals together; a volunteer cook, a chaotic galley and some unwashed hands.



And this morning I had my first experience with Spam. Spam and eggs on a World War II era historic ship being lovingly inhabited by volunteers. Is there a better way to start the day? (Edit: I loved the Spam.)

2 thoughts on “Meals on the Mess Deck

  1. Spam is a little too salty for me, but it is otherwise pretty delicious. You can see why Hawaii adopted it wholesale after WWII.

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