French Pastries

It’s no secret I enjoyed the two classes I had taken at Gio Culinary Studio, so obviously I babbled about the deliciousness to everyone who would listen. Thankfully, I managed to intrigue a friend enough for her to try a class with me.

Last night we went to his French pastry class where we learned: French macarons from start to finish, the pastry cream and pate choux for eclairs, quick puff pastry and frangipane filling for galettes, and chocolate ganache.





Eating the galettes warm from the oven was my absolute favorite part. Seriously, I couldn’t focus on anything other than the flaky pastry and almost molten hot almond-y filling.

I’ll say it again, Chef Gio is great at showing everything start to finish and answering the endless questions that pop up along the way. There is no bait and switch: what we helped form is what we ate, no television theatrics of swap outs necessary. I’m not a baker, but after this class I find myself dreaming of silicone mats and a food scale to facilitate future endeavors.

And then I woke up at 5 am this morning to run, followed by a very long walk in the rain with my dog to overcome to groggy butter coma I had awoken from this morning.
Bring on the weekend.

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