The Uglier The better

Last week I made homemade pizza. I thought I was doing a pretty good job, until people pointed out otherwise. I was determined to try again!

I decided for experiment number one I would make my own dough, there is no sense in playing with too many variables at once.
Jerry (of ) was over the top kind enough to share his dough recipe and followed up with answers to my many questions.

After investing in an instant read thermometer (Williams Sonoma, ~$20) and a pizza peel (Different Drummer Kitchen ~$35) I was ready to tackle this whole pizza dough thing.



The dough was made a day ahead, so that I could calmly prep it and not feel rushed trying to put together dinner after work and before walking the dogs as per usual.

This is where one of my follow up questions with Jerry came in, and per his recommendation I let it rise before covering it and popping it in the fridge.  When it was pizza-making time, I took it out of the fridge about the same time I started preheating the oven and the pizza stone; giving both about 45 mins- hour to get themselves ready.

The first pizza to be made was a BBQ chicken pizza (BBQ Chicken, minced garlic, mozzarella cheese).  I used Rotisserie chicken as a shortcut, and I’m not ashamed.  Its important to figure out what time savers are worth it, look at the big picture of a homemade dinner!

We stretched the dough and prepped the toppings on the pizza peel, and then slid the pizza onto the hot stone (without removing it from the oven!).  The first time we tried, it was difficult.  This whole shebang took some practice!


We split the rest of the dough into two smaller pizzas, Mister and I took the liberty of stretching, topping, and baking our own and these smaller ones were a bit easier to maneuver.  By the third pizza we were pros.


I admit, the dough was really good.  Better than store bought.  And the pizza stone/peel process was worth it.  The bottom on the pizzas were crisp enough to fold the slices (I’m from downstate, that is the only way to eat pizza), but the edges were still light and airy with little pockets where the dough had bubbled.  It made me seriously nostalgic for the pizza my mom used to make.

Determined to perfect this process, these pizzas were by no means pretty. I was actually a little embarassed to photograph this helpless, yet delicious discs. But it is what it is, and they were great and we ate them.



6 thoughts on “The Uglier The better

  1. Like I said, you’re going to get better with practice. Now that you have all of the tools, having the ingredients on hand will cost you less than it would to order takeout!

    And there’s definitely a certain charm to having something turn out imperfect when you put all of the work into creating it all by yourself!

  2. Some cornmeal will definitely help unstick your dough from the pizza peel. We have a stone, but I make rather large pizzas, so the peel is a bit of a hassle. So often I just use an ungreased baking sheet, cornmeal, and very high heat (like 500 F) to get crispy crust.

    • Cornmeal will alter the texture and taste of the crust (It’ll also burn if there’s excess on the stone). If you start on a lightly floured peel then pinch the edges around the pizza after topping it to get some air under it right before you’re ready to load it onto the stone; you won’t need cornmeal.

    • Don’t worry, a few hours from now you’ll know how to make a perfect pizza along with all the secrets….corn meal is not
      the answer unless you’re making polenta 🙂

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