Gourmet Burgers at Gio Culinary Studio

“Gourmet Burger, Fresh Baked Semolina Bun, Crispy French Fries, Condiments and Toppings”

That was the beginning of the class description for Chef Gio Morina’s “Gourmet Burgers” hands on cooking class and I thought it would be a great date night activity for me and Mister.

I took a Croissants Class at Gio Culinary Studio in December, and loved the hands on approach and the chocolate filled croissants. These classes really are hands on, and Chef Gio does a great job breaking things down so I feel like I can handle recreating the recipes at home. He has no problem answering everyone’s questions and genuinely cares about the food he’s making.  No I wasn’t paid for this post, and to clarify I was the only one being super weird and taking pictures.  Don’t worry I washed my hands several times.

I won’t go into too much detail about the class, because I think everyone should go try it for themselves and support the Studio, but here is what we did last night:

Made extra crispy French fries, Mister got to try the cutter.

We also learned how to make the dough for the buns, and then roll it into perfect little balls. (That is me patiently waiting for my dough portion)

Chef Gio went through the process of selecting meats, grinding them, forming the ground meat into patties, and the grilling. From steak to burger! (Above are our patties resting before we grilled them, mine on the left, Mister’s on the right)


There were seven of us in attendance at last nights class, and we all made and devoured our own beautiful burgers.  Mine is above, gracefully topped with the ketchup Chef Gio made, the quick made pickles, fontina cheese, and arugula. I was impressed that in roughly two hours we made the buns, ketchup, pickles, and burgers.


The burgers had such a great texture and flavor, with only minimal salt added before grilling.  It was like eating a juicy steak, on a bun, with cheese.

And fries. We ate a lot of those perfectly crispy, salty bites.

I appreciate that Chef Gio demonstrated the fryer, meat grinder, and French fry cutter BUT also explained at home alternative methods to all of these processes. Even more is I feel like I can totally tackle a grill now, even if I did mess up while flipping Mister’s burger.

Gio Culinary Studio
22 South Main Street Voorheesville, NY 12186

5 thoughts on “Gourmet Burgers at Gio Culinary Studio

  1. Looks like a blast! Chef Gio made me a cake for my anniversary a couple of weeks ago, and when I went to pick it up, he and I chatted for a while. Great dude! [Great blog, by the way!]

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