This Weeks Lunch

I made a variation of last weeks batch of lunches: Italian chicken sausage with peppers, onions, broccoli, baby spinach, and mushrooms.



Pre-cooked the sausage as well as the peppers and onions (with garlic).



The ShopRite veggies were pathetic compared to my beloved Trader Joes peppers. I don’t know why I pretended I could do all of my shopping at ShopRite, I think I was just trying to keep things interesting.

Each morning this week I’ve layered raw baby spinach, finely sliced mushrooms, and small chunks of broccoli. On top goes the cooked peppers and I slice some of the sausage: I didn’t chop it all up at once so I could evenly portion it out per day.

At work it gets a quick trip through the microwave, steaming everything. Then I stir it up, and let the room stink of garlic.


Side note: I love the concept of these glass containers but sometimes they leak. Otherwise they are the perfect size and the glass feels more like eating out of a real bowl. Still on the hunt for good lunch containers.


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