What is your version of healthy? 

The question posed on the pizza post (alliteration attack) got me thinking.  First of all, a very humble thank you to the Profussor for sending an audience my way.  But the question, and your answers, got me thinking about healthy.

To me, and take this with a grain of kosher salt, healthy is more of a feeling than an action.  When I go for a run, and then crave eggs with fruit instead of cinnamon roll pancakes; that is my healthy.  I am excited that I feel the healthiest I have, ever.  I’m only 26 (I know I’ll regret putting that number out there in a few years I’m sure), but when I didn’t know how to cook and moved into my first dorm I was definitely unhealthy.  I ate what was fastest, or tastiest; sugar, carbs, delicious chemicals. 

Then I started cooking.  And then I started reading, and my cooking evolved.  That’s where the confusion set it, and I feel like I’m just starting to come out of this fog.  I know which items I would prefer to be organic/local/free range etc. and I know where I prefer to spend the little money I have budgeted.  I know what stores I like to buy meat from, which stores have better produce (in my opinion), and which has the best snacks (Honest Weight Food CoOp Bulk Foods ) .  And I’m sure I’ll get some crankiness over this one, but I like Farmer’s markets but I do not like buying anything other than food to eat while I’m there.  I get confused easily; I like to compare apples to apples, and decide on my own time.  The Farmer’s Markets I’ve been to (Troy, Schenectady) get crowded, I get awkward and the plan unravels.  I’d rather buy a cookie (or juice or loaf of bread) and people watch.

So I’m defining my own healthy: I exercise for the adrenaline, I eat when I’m hungry, indulge more often than occasionally, play with my dog and get sunshine when I can.   


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