Quest For Breakfast

After discovering Mister’s car got towed (oh the joys of center square parking), and going on a journey to get it back, we had a late start getting to the Troy Farmer’s Market.

By this point I was hangry. I had gone for a run this morning (training for my first 5k!) and then had a light snack so fast forward a few hours and I needed a giant helping of breakfast indulgence. I also have a weird personal issue where the first official meal on the weekend days needs to be breakfast, even if it’s almost 2pm.

We headed to Manory’s, after polling the crowd at the Market for suggestions.

We snagged seats at the counter, between regulars who added to the experience. Our waiter was great, the kitchen provided live action entertainment, and the food was perfect diner breakfast.


We don’t wimp out when we’re out for breakfast; we both went for the big breakfast. I got blueberry pancakes, fried eggs(skillfully over easy), sausage, and bacon. Mister got French toast and scrambled with the breakfast meat goodness as well.

We stayed to chat for a bit after we stuffed ourselves uncomfortably ate, with the total bill (including coffees) $18 and change. Perfection, we’ll be back.


2 thoughts on “Quest For Breakfast

  1. Similar thing happened to jeff & i once totally missed the farmers market and ended up at Manory’s. It was a nice surprise though they have a lot of interesting options. Did you notice it was really young crowd in there when you went too?

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