An Organized Approach

This week I spent a few days at Mister’s [please don’t get your judgy pants all twisted] so I hit Trader Joes over the weekend to prepare. I knew I needed to plan an easy to cook/pack/store lunch and some dinners without taking over his kitchen with a massive project.

For lunch I ended up with a delicious creation; steamed baby spinach, corn, fire roasted red peppers and onions, and ground beef cooked in salsa verde. Thank you Trader Joes.

In a skillet do the usual brown the beef, drain excess fat. Then pour on as much salsa as you want (I’m sure any type would work, I was looking for flavor versus heat)

Then transfer the beef to a large container you can cover and stick in the fridge.

In that same pan, I dumped poured a bag of TJ’s frozen peppers and onions, I love these for just about any dish. When cooked just enough (mine were still a little frosty, you’re going to nuke them with lunch tomorrow anyway) add to the container with the beef. Then open a can of TJ’s corn and add it to the container…see where this is going?

I used a large square container and kept everything relegated to it’s own section, was just aiming to minimize mess and space.

The night before work I layered baby spinach, then beef, then more salsa verde, then peppers/onions, and corn. Microwave for 2 mins or until hot enough that you want to eat and stir that up. The spinach gets wilted enough to soak up some flavor without over cooking, and hello vegetables!


I ate it too fast to get a pic for the blog. Four days in a row. Oops.

That just left me with breakfast. Which I conveniently forgot about while at Trader Joes doing my planning. I assumed Mister’s house would have oats. I guessed wrong. So I used the quinoa I picked up for dinner.


I cooked according to the directions, subbing almond milk for water and adding frozen blueberries, as well as some cinnamon and vanilla.


I like to undercook it a bit so there is a bite to it, but this came out really good. It was warm, filling, and didn’t taste like a too healthy breakfast so it worked great.

I did manage to remember snacks from TJs though.

I like taking these to work and breaking each bar up a few times for bite sized pieces throughout the day. And I picked up some of their organic lollipops too, wholly moley they are so good! The pomegranate one is tart and not too sweet, and a lollipop tricks my mind into thinking we’re eating all the snacks all day. Perfection.

Any recommendations on great Trader Joes finds or convenience meals?

3 thoughts on “An Organized Approach

  1. We’ve been getting their organic whole wheat rotini and their organic frozen broccoli florets. The broccoli goes into the well salted pasta water for the last minute of cooking, and it all gets drained together.

    With two pounds of cooked well-seasoned vegetables and whole grains, you can do a lot of things: throw on some tomato sauce, toss with olive oil and garlic, dump into a bowl of chicken broth, make a pasta salad with leftovers, and turn the dregs into a frittata.

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