Around Saratoga

Today, looking to enjoy the sunshine, we drove around Saratoga National Battlefield followed by lunch at Comfort Kitchen.



Turkey burger (no bun for Passover) for me, turkey Reuben and house made tater tots for mister. Very good. A little pricey but they are definitely using quality, mostly local product that’s making the difference in taste.

Then we walked the dogs around downtown for a bit, and I stopped at the Saratoga Juice Bar for a little post lunch drink, I went to the gym this morning and total deserved this!

Cold and really delicious!

We couldn’t stop our adventure there so we swung by Price Chopper’s new Market Bistro in Latham. I was impressed with the prepared foods area but I have a few gripes: 1. It made Albany area Price Choppers look worse, if that’s possible. 2. I still hate all of their deli meat offerings. 3. There was no flow so huge mega shopping cart pile ups were happening.

I only went there to grab some stuff for the next few days, so I didn’t investigate much. Came home to prepare some matzo ball soup, crafting broth from a combination of the boxed stuff (Pacific Free Range/Organic) and some of the reserved liquid from yesterday’s chicken (which had pleasantly congealed in the fridge, yum!)

Pretty proud of how well I’m handling my healthy eating lately, including the challenges of Passover!


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