Cobb Salad Inspiration

After our dinner at The Orchard Tavern, Mister requested a Cobb Salad for dinner at home this week.

I was happy to oblige in a version as close as I could get.
Started by hard boiling eggs.

Then seared chicken breasts on both side, before popping it in a 350° oven for about 25-30 minutes.


Also in the oven I cooked up some market style bacon from the Fresh Market, we used about two slices per salad. (Side note, we only used about half a chicken breast per salad)

Once that is all cooking on it’s own, I diced tomatoes and an avocado.
The diced chicken, bacon, hard boiled egg, tomatoes, and avocado went on a bed of romaine.
I topped mine with balsamic, Mister used a little feta, blue cheese dressing, and Greek dressing.

Pretty, delicious, and filling. We’re even doing a repeat tomorrow.


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